Taking dance lessons for a wedding is unlike any other wedding preparation. Dance lessons are 100% fun; they will give you both confidence, on and off the dance floor.

Planning a wedding can be stressful for the soon-to-be newlywed couple. Personal lessons for your first dance offer the gift of quality time and can lead to a lifetime of dancing together.

Dance lessons also bring your families together for a shared experience before the wedding by providing an instructor and space to brush up on dance skills.

This is a great group activity for your entire wedding party also. You all can learn a spectacular dance to share online as a way to celebrate and remember your special Wedding day.

Weddings are a whirlwind. After months of preparation, the day goes by in what feels like a blink of an eye. But when you have learned to dance for your wedding, you and your beloved will get to take a pause during the festivities, when all eyes will be on you, and your eyes will only be on each other. It’s a magical moment, that first dance as a married couple, and when you are both moving across the dance floor, in each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s eyes, for just that one moment. 

Wedding dances are something you’ll watch over and over again. You’re stepping out on the dance floor for your first dance together. Your family and friends are all taking out their phones to make videos! This is your chance to shine. Learning to dance, and not just shuffling around the dance floor in a series of circles, will give you a memory to treasure. Life has less awkward moments when you know how to dance.

Make your wedding dance unique.  At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we’ve choreographed dances for weddings for everything from a traditional Viennese Waltz to a jazzy swing dance, complete with dips, dives and yes, even flips! It’s all up to you.

When should you start dance lessons for a wedding? The best time to begin your dance lessons is around six months before your wedding date. That gives you enough time to master the basics, practice so that any wedding day jitters won’t throw you off, and even add a flourish or two to make the dance uniquely yours. Your Arthur Murray Dance instructor will be able to create a lesson plan that suits your schedule and will get you having fun on the dance floor.

Do I need to learn other dances for our wedding? That all depends on what you have planned. Just as you have thoroughly planned out the flowers, photographer and food, it’s good to plan out the dancing. Will you have a first dance after dinner? Or when you first walk into the reception after the ceremony? What about father/daughter or mother/son dances? Are there members of the family that you wish to honor with a special dance? Mapping everything out will ensure that your special day will be just the way that you and your beloved want it to be. Our experienced dance instructors can give you some suggestions about what other dances you’ll enjoy at your wedding.

Should group lessons be part of learning to dance for our wedding? Absolutely! There will be many people who want to dance with you at your wedding. Group lessons will help you learn to dance with people other than your beloved or your dance instructor. You’ll know where to place your hands and how to help your dance partner move across the dance floor because you will know exactly what to do. And if your dance partner hasn’t had lessons, you’ll help them look better. What a better way to make a great impression on your new in-laws!

What happens after the wedding’s over? The dances you learn for your wedding will be part of you both, forever. You’ll be the couple with confidence and style when you dance while on your honeymoon, at your friend’s weddings, on a cruise ship, at fundraising galas, corporate events, family celebrations and even during a quiet night at home that turns into a private dance party.

Learning to dance for your wedding at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio is a wonderful experience that will make your wedding and your new life together a romantic journey together! 

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